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A symposium on the Asian bicycle industry alliance at the Chinese exhibition

Last Update:2017-11-19 22:10:26

On the afternoon of May 6, 2017, the Asian Bicycle Industry Alliance (ABA) held the first forum in 2017 on the first day of the opening of the China International Cycling exhibition. Chinese bicycle association chairman Mr. Ma Zhongchao, the Taiwan bicycle association chairman Mr. Ceng Songzhu, the Japanese bicycle association chairman Mr. Watanabe Keiji, vice president of the India bicycle manufacturers association Pangwa, President Ruan Yousan, President of South Vietnam bicycle association to Turner Industry Association Mr. Jin Shihuan, vice president of the Indonesia bicycle industry association Mu Yadi, President of Russia's bicycle and motorcycle industry association Bernard Chief Kim China, deputy director of bicycle association Huo Xiaoyun attended the forum.

Mr. Ma Zhongchao, director general of China bicycle association first introduced the situation of this China International Bicycle Exhibition. He said that the emergence of intelligent products, strong riding atmosphere and sharing bicycles are highlights of this China exhibition. The emergence of "shared bicycles" has changed the mode of people's travel and changed the way people live. While the development of "shared bicycle" is thrived, chairman Ma Zhongchao also pointed out that there are still many problems in sharing bicycles. Therefore, relevant committees have been established, and a series of policies will also be introduced.

After the introduction of the finished Chinese fair, director Ma Zhongchao spoke of the new Taiwan bicycle association chairman Mr. Zeng song column, on his advice, the Taiwan bicycle association chairman Zeng song column took Mr. vice president of Asia Bicycle Industry Alliance post, "I am honored to be able to take over the Vice President Asia Alliance post, I hope to have a thriving Asia Alliance Development in the days to come." Zeng Song said column.

Then, Chinese bicycle association chairman Mr. Ma Zhongchao to the Asia bicycle industry annual conference summary, 2015 in Vietnam Asia Annual Conference for the alliance of the member units to see the development of bicycle industry in Vietnam, and the 2016 Asian Union held in India annual meeting is a unforgettable memories. Alexander Nachevkin, chairman of the Russian cycling and motorcycle industry association, proposed the 2017 annual meeting of Asian Bicycle Federation held in Russia, with support from all members. Just now, 2017 is the 200th anniversary birth of bicycles. I believe that in the annual meeting of the Asian bicycle industry association in 2017, there will be a collision of bicycle culture development among member units.

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